Bärbel Wierzoch

Associate Partner | Certified Tax Advisor | Certified Advisor in International Taxation

Bärbel Wierzoch advises both private individuals and companies of all legal forms on tax issues. Her specializes include international tax and turnover tax law.

She attended the College of Finance (Fachhochschule für Finanzen) in Nordkirchen. Since 1990, she has gained her comprehensive know-how at various medium-sized tax firms. In 2007 she became a certified tax consultant specializing in international tax law.

Bärbel Wierzoch joined KSP in 2011 and has been an Associate Partner with the company since 2017.

She also serves as “Regional Vice Chairperson Europe” in the ITPG (International Taxation Practice Group) of the GGI Geneva Group International – one of the 10 leading international cooperations of and independent auditing, tax consulting and law firms.