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Trust, reliability and competence are the values you can expect from us. We place strong emphasis on understanding the needs of our clients so that optimal results can be achieved from their perspective.

With approximately 70 employees, we are always available to assist medium-sized companies, wealthy individuals and foreign companies with branches in Germany as well as large corporations with group structures.

Chinese, Spanish&Latin American as well as Japanese clients can seek advice and support through our native speaker staff.

Another important focus of our office is tax consulting for group companies with complex structures. It is considered one of the most challenging areas of consulting in the tax/auditing fields. We use our international connections and maintain a highly qualified team, in order to guarantee high-quality standards.


Solid, Comprehensive, Reliable

We adapt standardized services (e.g. financial accounting, payroll accounting, preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns) to your personal needs and ensure that the results are constantly reviewed and optimized through our internal quality control. More complex issues (e.g. tax audits, expert opinions, company establishment and expansion, succession planning, strategic asset planning) are solved individually by us.

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We offer a full range of services of a medium-sized auditing and tax consulting company:

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