Dipl.- Kfm.
Christoph Michels

Master of Science | Certified Auditor

Christoph Michels is a consultant for all forms of legal entities concerning questions relating to tax law and accounting. His subject areas include national and international accounting, preparation and audit of year-end and consolidated financial statements (HGB, IFRS as well as US-GAAP), tax due diligence and business valuation (inheritance and gift tax).

Christoph Michels began his studies at the Universities of Essen and Düsseldorf majoring in Business Administration (Company Auditing, Corporate Finance; Tax Law). During his seven-year engagement at Deloitte, he completed their Audit Excellence Program at the Mannheim Business School. After his examination as a German Certified Public Auditor he joined KSP in 2014, becoming a partner at the firm in 2017.